About the village / town Bojničky

Location: The village lies on the southwestern outskirts of Nitrianska pahorkatina in valley of stream Jarčie. The village is located 5 km south of the Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1113.

The Origin of the village name: In 1113 Boencza, in 1256 Boymuch, in 1275 Bajanch, 1773 Bajnocska, 1808 Bojnička, in 1920 Bojničky.

History of the village: The territory of the the village provided the archaeological finds from the Bronze Age and from the period of the Great Moravian Empire. In the period of the first written mention the village belonged to the castle of Hlohovec and to Zobor monastery. Tatar invasion, famine and epidemics decimated the population of the village. In the 13th century village came under ownership of the castle Szolgagyör (Posádka). In the 16th century it was owned by the estate Hlohovec. Gradually, the village belonged to families Turza, Forgáč and Erdődy.
The village is a known wine-growing site. Spring Run in village is held annually. The village can be proud of very strong tradition in junior athletics. Athletic Club Bojničky reaching the highest rungs within Slovakia.
  Mailing address
Obecný úrad Bojničky
Bojničky č. 90
920 55 Bojničky

Mayor: Igor Bojnanský
tel.: 033 73 20 234