About the village / town Červeník

Location: The village is situated in the southern part of the Danubian plain tip on floodplain of the river Váh and Dudváh. The village is located 6 km northwest of Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1113.

The Origin of the village name: in 1113 Bin, 1254, Been, 1294, Edeuthbiny, 1317 Verusvar, 1375 Wereswar, 1773 Veresvar, Veresvár, 1920 Verešvár, 1948 Červeník.

History of the village:

A rich archaeological finds are known from the area of the village. The settlements of the Neolithic age, housing from younger and older Iron Age, the Roman and Slavic settlements, but also old Hungarian skeletal burial of 10th century were founded here. In early 12th century the village was the property of Zobor monastery. In 1294 the village was sold by Abraham Rufus to family Aba. Since 1375 Hunt-Poznan family owned the village and later several noble families did. The original village was lying on the current site of the city of Leopoldov. In 1665 the Hungarian Royal Chamber bought part of the land with the intention to build strength. The construction of strength moved the population of the village to its current location.

The amphitheater of Červeník is very well known as a place with numerous cultural and social events.

  Mailing address
Obecný úrad Červeník
Kalinčiakova 26
919 33 Červeník

Mayor: Marián Mihálik

033 7341127