About the village / town Dolné Otrokovce

Location: The village is located in the southwestern part of Nitrianska pahorkatina in valley of stream Merašice. The village is located 13 km northeast of Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1400.

The Origin of the village name: In 1400 Also Atrach, in 1416 Alsoatrak, in 1773 Dolné Otrokowcze, in 1920 Dolné Otrokovce

History of the village: Remains of settlements from the younger Bronze Age has been found in the village. The village was originally created by separating from the village mentioned in Zobor list from 1113 under the name Adradic that was owned by the Zobor monastery. At the end of the 16th century the village was devastated and burned by Turkish troops. In 1600, Babindal family who owned the village died out. Then the property was divided among several owners. In the next period, majer and land belonged to Countess Gyóki who had residency in Horné Otrokovce. In 1920, Ján Pihorňa from Holic become the owner of Majer.
  Mailing address
Obecný úrad Dolné Otrokovce
Dolné Otrokovce č. 44
920 61 Dolné Trhovište

Mayor: Ján Maršala
: 033 7448321