About the village / town Dolné Trhovište

Location: The village is located in the southwestern part of Nitrianska pahorkatina in valley of stream Galanovka. The village is located 9,5 km east-northeast of Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1156.

The Origin of the village name: In 1156 Vasar, Vascard, in 1214 Wasard, 1271 Uuasard, 1343 Wasard, altera Wasard, 1773 Alsó Vassard, Unter Wascharditz, Dolne Wassardcze, 1920 Dolné Vašardice, 1948 Dolné Trhovište. After 1902 Jelenová community was affiliated to the village. Its historic names are: in 1404 Kylyanvasardya , 1773 Gelinfalva, Jalanau, Galanowa, 1863, 1888-1902 Gellénfalu, 1873-1882 Gelénfalva.

History of the village: The village is very rich for archaeological sites that bear the presence of different cultures living on its territory. Remains of settlements from Iron Age, Roman period, Neolithic and Celtic burial have been found in the village. At the beginning of the 13th century the village belonged to Castle of Nitra and then to other noble families such as Vásardy, Benko Rákoczi, Kosztolány and other.
  Mailing address
Obecný úrad Dolné Trhovište
Dolné Trhovište č. 191
920 61 Dolné Trhovište

Mayor: Ing.Jaroslav Mrváň

033 744801