About the village / town Dolné Zelenice

Location: The village is situated in the southern part of the Danube plain between the rivers Váh and Dudváh. It is located 8 km southwest of the city Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1244.

Origin of the village name: in 1244 Zelst, in SCEL 1291, in 1352 Zeuldwar, in 1400 Zela alias Pentechfalva, in 1773 Alsó-wishes Unter Zelenitz, Lower Zelenicze, 1920 Zelenice. In the years 1980-1990 were village Upper Zelenice and Zelenice merged into one municipality Zelenice.

History of the village: in 12th century the village belonged to the territory of the castle Hlohovec. In the next century it was owned by Castle Szolgagyör on the vilage Posádka. The castle served as a border point and guarded the ford of the River. During the Turkish invasions of Hungary the village was destroyed and restored several times. In the Middle Ages the village belonged to more landlords - Jankovic, Zichy, Brunswick. At the beginning of the 18th century, the village became the property of the Erdődys family from Hlohovec. The family sold the village later to Szunyoghs family for financial reasons. After World War II, Szunyoghs did not return to the village. Currently, the village has about 561 inhabitants.

  Mailing address

Obecný úrad Dolné Zelenice
Dolné Zelenice č. 107
920 52 Siladice

Mayor: Mgr. Dagmar Jakubcová

tel.: 033 7445250
email: dolnezelenice@gmail.com
web: http://dolne.zelenice.sk/