About the village / town Horné Otrokovce

Location: The village is located in the western part of the Nitra hills at the southern tip of Považský Inovec on the upper reaches of Stoličný creek. It is located 10 km northeast of the city of Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1113.

The Origin of the village name: in 1113 Adradic, in 1,156 slaves, in 1773 Upper Otrokowcze Fels-Attrak, Ober Otrokowitz, in 1920 Upper Otrokovce. Between 1975 - 1990 the village was affiliated with village Tekolďany and from 1979 - 1990 with village Tepličky and Horné Trhovište.

History of the village:
The village was in the 12th century owned by Zobor monastery. Since 1388 it belonged to the several feudal families - Kosztolány, Sookie Škarbal, Rzikowsky, Zayov, Rudnyánszk, Vranovčovs and others. In 1809 the manor of Horné Otrokovce got into the hands of the genus Erdődy. There is one of the most beautiful natural amphitheaters in the region.

  Mailing address
Obecný úrad Horné Otrokovce
Horné Otrokovce 146
920 62 Horné Otrokovce
mayor: Mgr. Eva Kukučková

tel.: 033 7446101