About the village / town Koplotovce

Location: The village is situated on the western edge of the southern tip of Považský Inovec. The village is located 5.5 km north of Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1113.

The Origin of the village name: In 1113 Locuplot, in 1275 Koploth, in 1773 Kaplath, Koplotowecz, in 1808 Koplotowce, in 1920 Koplotovce

History and interesting facts: In 1113 the village is emerging as an accessory to Nitra Castle. Two islands in the stream of Vah formed the village and were owned by Zobor Abbey and  Hlohovec estate. After 1330 several feudal families owned the village. In the mid 15th century the community Čened (Canada) was affiliated to Koplotovce, that dessapeared in 1750 by natural disasters (floods likely). The family Kochanovský owned village and Renaissance mansion since 1600. A famous slovak writer and priest Ján Holly is a often visitor and great friend to Kochanovský family and wrote several poems about them. Last feudal family who owned the village was famly Frideczký.

 A smallest pool in Slovakia with medicinal water and historic mansion Kaplath is situated in this pleasant rural village.

  Mailing address

Obecný úrad Koplotovce
Koplotovce č. 28
920 01 Koplotovce

Mayor: Jozef Števik

tel.: 033 7432122, 0903 749 236
email: info@koplotovce.sk