About the village / town Leopoldov

Location: The city lies at the southern part of Danube plain on a wide alluvial plain between Váh and Dudváh about 3 km from Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1664.

The Origin of the village name: In 1664 Ujvároska, in 1670 Leopoldopolis, in 1773 Uj – Varoska, Leopold – Neüstadt, Mestaczko, in 1786 Mestečko. In 1948 the settlement Leopoldov near fortress was affiliated to the village. After this act one administrative unit under name Leopoldov was created.

History of the village:The main cause of the city creation was occupation of Nove Zamky by Turks. For this reason, the emperor looked for a place free of Turks to build a fortress. So beginnings of Leopoldov are therefore linked to the decision of Leopold I. to build a fortress against the Turks near Hlohovec. The building was built between years 1665-1669. Italian fortress Palmanova and fortress Nové Zámky were models for its construction. The main builders were Ján Melicher Arigsperger and then Ján Unger. The village was created in the neighborhood of fortress where lived workers builders and craftsmen who worked on building of fortress. However fortress did not play an important role in the battles against the Turks. But later fortress resisted against invasions of rebels during the uprising of Imre Tököly. At the beginning of the 18th century the fortress was under siege of troops of Francis Rákóczi II. In 1855, fortress stopped fulfilled military purposes and was transformed into a prison. The object does this task until today.
  Mailing address
Metský úrad Leopoldov
Hlohovecká cesta 104/2
920 41 Leopoldov

Mayor: Terézia Kavuliaková

033 7342207