About the region

Region of Hlohovec is located in western Slovakia, on the eastern edge of the county of Trnava. Southernmost foothills of Považský Inovec intervene to region from the north. Nitrianska pahorkatina enters to region from the southeast. River Vah crosses the region in north-south direction. It is one of the smallest regions in the Slovak republic. Its area is only 267 km². From the geomorphological point of view is classified as a lowland. The lowest point of region is situated at an altitude of 128 m above the sea, at the point where the river Vah leaves the border of region and flows to the region of Galanta. The highest point is Holý vrch (432 m above the sea), located in Povazsky Inovec.

45,239 inhabitants lived in region in 2010. Region consists of 24 municipalities and two of them - Hlohovec and Leopoldov have city status.

The population density (170 inhabitants per km²) is more than 1.5 times higher than the national average. The population is evenly distributed. Municipalities are located along the main roads and railway lines that are densely intertwined.