About the village / town Pastuchov

Location: The village is situated in the southernwestern part of the Nitra hills north stream of Blatina. It is located 7 km east of the city Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1276.

The Origin of the village name:: In 1276 Paztwh, in 1773 Pasztho, Pastuchow, in 1913 Nyitrapásztó, in 1920 Pastuchov.

History of the village:

The oldest established settlement are known from the Neolithic period. Several findings of the oldest cultures of ancient farmers has been found in this area. There are also evidences of technological production of the Bronze Age. Vekerzug group represents the youngest prehistoric settlement area of the village. Over 14th century the village belonged to several landowners, but it ended in the hands of noble families from Hlohovec.

  Mailing address

Obecný úrad Pastuchov
Pastuchov č. 9247
920 63 Pastuchov


Mayor: Štefan Huszár

033 7449572