About the village / town Siladice

Location: The village is situated in the southern part of the Danube plain between the rivers Váh and Dudváh. It is located 7 km southwest of the city Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1113.

The Origin of the village name:: In 1113 Saladicz, in 1325 Zily, in 1393 Zylad, in 1773 Szilad, Siladitz, Siladcze, in 1786 Silád, Siladice, in 1863 Szilád, in 1920 Siladice

History of the village: The firsrt archeological finding came from the Hallstatt period, from the Roman period and from the period of migration of nations. The village is known as an important area of Slavic populations. In 1113, the village belonged The Zobor Abbey. Between 1490 - 1500 the village belonged to the genus of Szilády. Then after the subsequent Turkish invasion, the viillage was decimated. Landlord Wolfgang Nagy joined the aggressor party during the Turkish siege , for which the Archbishop of Esztergom confiscated his property. Eszterházi family owned the village from 1641 until the abolition of serfdom. The area of vilage was very popular for hunting. Position of the village near river Vah caused often flooding.. For this reason, the building of river embankment started in 1900.

  Mailing address
Obecný úrad Siladice
Siladice č. 232
920 52 Siladice

Mayor: Róbert Repka

tel.: 033 7445122
email: obecnyuradsiladice@stonline.sk