About the village / town Trakovice

Location: The village is situated on the eastern edge of Trnava down in touch with floodplain of Dudváh and Vah river.

The first written record is from 1275.

The Origin of the village name: in Korkouch, in 1353 Karkoch, in 1773 Karkocz, Tarkowitz, Trakowicze, in 1863 Karkóc, in 1920 Trakovice.

History of the village: The area of village has been inhabited since Neolithic times, The different settlements structures from the Early Bronze Age, the late Iron Age, Roman and Slavic Age had been replaced here gradually. During the late Middle Age and comming Modern Age the village belonged to several feudal families such as Forgach, Ocskay, Zayov, Majthényi. The last feudal owner of a large part of the village was Karol Zay. Later his sons sold a substantial part of Trakovice property to family Fould-Springer.
  Mailing address

Obecný úrad Trakovice
Trakovice č. 38
919 33 Trakovice


Mayor: Ing. Ľudovít Tolarovič

033 7320459