About the village / town Žlkovce

Location: The village is situated on the eastern edge of Trnava upland near the border with floodplains of Dudváh and Vah river.

The first written record is from 1229

The Origin of the village name: in 1229 Such, in 1244 Suk, in 1428 Zukovec, in 1773 Zlkocz, Zlkowetz, Zlkowcze, in 1786 Zslkócz, in 1808 Zslukócz, Zslkócz, Žlkowce, in 1863 Zslkóc, in 1900 Zsúk, in 1920 Žlkovce. Between 1974 - 1990 the village Ratkovce was affiliated to Žlkovce.

History of the village: The territory of village has been inhabited since the Neolithic period with a volute and painted Moravian-Slovak culture. A presence pf Lengyel culture was discovered also. We found the remains of Roman-barbarian and Slavic burial of the Great Moravia empire. At the beginning of the 13th century the village belonged to Nitra castle and its territory was poplated by German guests. Later, several noble families such as Horecký, Užovič, Zayovc, Majthényi and Ocskay were owners of the village. The village often suffered by various epidemics, floods and fires.
  Mailing address

Obecný úrad Žlkovce
Žlkovce č. 191
920 42 Žlkovce


Mayor: Ing. Tibor Stanko

033 7434153