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"Mother Nature" offers for visitors of region Hlohovec really an attractive experience. Despite the small size of the region but due to its unique location between three different geomorphological units offers "Nature" interesting options how to spend free time.

The southernmost foothill of the Považský Inovec intervenes to the region from the north. The Nitrianska pahorkatina enters the area from the southeast. The river Vah crosses the region in north-south direction. The diversity of these units allows creation of beautiful localities, where visitors can admire the beauty whole year.

The lowest point of the region is situated at an altitude of 128 m, at the point where river Vah leaves the border region and flows to the territory of region Galanta. The highest point is the Holý vrch (432 m asl) and it is located in Povazsky Inovec.

The dominant element of the lowland region is a cultural step and residues of forests affected by man. The most representative soils are fertile brown soils.

The visitor finds himself most often in oak-hornbeam forests in Inovecký foothills and Nitrianska pahorkatina. Willow-poplar alluvial forests, occasionally original oak-ash-elm forests cover Dolnovážska niva along its waterways.

The main watercourse of region is the longest Slovak river - Vah. The regulation of Vah allowed the creation of water bodies for short recreation. Dams along the river bed allow the safe and uninterrupted traveling with ties to neighboring regions of Považie.

A rich variety of points of interest gives every ecologist, traveler, sportsman, photographer, or watermen opportunity to plan many trips for beauties of this area. However, visitors should not definitely miss the most important xerotherm nature reserve of region (Sedliská) and protected areas in the alluvial forests of Vah (Malé Vážky and Dedova jama).