Thermal springs of the village Koplotovce

We are located on the Dolnovážška niva in the village Koplotovce on the main road from Piestany to Hlohovec. Near the road rises the only one spring water in the region of Hlohovec which is also used as a mini-swimming pool with sedentary fountain. Water with a typical smell of "bad eggs" after hydrogen sulfide is also accessible through a stone well placed near the road. Thermal springs in the village are heavily mineralized with sulfa calcium bicarbonate. Here are overall 4 mineral and 1 thermal drill holes with a temperature above 25 degrees of Celsius.

920 01 Koplotovce
  Nearest stops (Crow flies)
  • Koplotovce,,obec 360m
  • Koplotovce,,obec 420m
  • Koplotovce,,hor.koniec 960m
  • Koplotovce,,rázc.(2.0) 1,3km
  • Madunice,,Jednota 2,1km