The viewpoint of Madunice

The unique place is located directly behind the bridge in Madunice. It is the only one publicly accessible viewpoint in Dolnovážska niva. The hill with breathtaking 360 degree panoramic view is result of construction of Vah water cascades. Under favorable weather conditions, we can see Little Carpathians and from the east side a Považský inovec. The south side of viewpoint offered a view on the original bed of the Vah and the channel of Drahovce. North side reveals the direction of cycling route DH-002. Red route leads from viewpoint through the channel of the river Vah near gravel pits of the village Madunice to the next bridge. After crossing the bridge near the village Drahovce it leads through the dam to protected area Slňava.

More adventurous based tourists can wade through the old arm of river Vah and through lakes Koplotovce get to the thermal pool. Then you can go further eastward through the village Koplotovce to the red signed trail 0705a.

922 42 Madunice
  Nearest stops (Crow flies)
  • Madunice,,Jednota 1,1km
  • Koplotovce,,obec 1,1km
  • Koplotovce,,obec 1,2km
  • Madunice,,Nákupné str. 1,2km
  • Koplotovce,,hor.koniec 1,4km