Arbor above the statue of St. Urban popularly called "Urbánok" was built in 1924 by Messrs Polack and Lackovic. It is located at the end of the street Somogy under Šianec. Arbour was originally placed above the statue of St. Urban. This statue (of the 18th century) is now on in the Vlastivedné Museum in Hlohovec. Arbor offers a very nice view of the city and surroundings.


920 01 Hlohovec

  Nearest stops (Crow flies)
  • Autobusová zastávka 1,1km
  • Hlohovec,,pošta MHD 1,3km
  • Hlohovec,,Hlohová ul. 1,4km
  • Hlohovec,,Hlohová ul. 1,5km
  • Hlohovec,,Hlohová ul. 1,5km