Hlohovec hučák

A derivative channel was constructed during the construction of water dam Drahovce - Madunice in 1961. Rolling water - Hlohovecký Hučák was created at the place of the connection of the new derivate channel into the old river bed of Váh. It is significant historical, ecological and landscape place. The construction of the dam caused significant ecological change. Only snippets of wetlands and floodplains remained from original beauty of alluvium. The regulation of Váh have also positive impacts: cooling water for nuclear power plant Jaslovské Bohunice, flood protection and planned waterway transport. An interesting is winter´s view on masses of chipped ice in cascades.

920 01 Hlohovec
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  • Hlohovec,,Peterská ul. 1,2km
  • Hlohovec,,Peterská ul. 1,2km
  • Železničná zástavka Leopoldov zast. 1,3km
  • Autobusová zastávka 1,3km
  • Hlohovec,,pivovar 1,4km