The river road through the region of Hlohovec

Rafting in the region of Hlohovec has a very long tradition. Even our ancestors had already floated the river Vah from the north part of Slovakia on simple boats. It was because the wood here could be easily sold and partly it could be used for the construction of the dwelling.

A well-equipped waterman may start by boating across the region of Hlohovec immediately in several places, depending on the equipment of ground support, endurance and taste of the team itself. More water in the riverbed may not guarantee a nicer experience on the trip, it might be just the opposite. Less water can extend the journey and reveal beautiful nooks and often bring funny moments, without which it would have lost the magic of rafting. It is ideal to split the entire sluice to Sered into two days. When you are camping you must respect the laws and regulations of the Slovak Republic and you have to bear in mind the basic obligations of a waterman "waste, which I brought I´ll bin by myself, I do not burn it in the fireplace, I do not harm the environment by disturbing animals".

The wonderful starting point is the water reservoir "Sĺňava" in the region of Piešťany. The tank is built on the river Váh and on the reinforced embankment (used as the skating track and cycling road DH-002, DH-5207, DH-2301). It offers a spectacular view on the Little Carpathians in the west and Považský Inovec in the east. The reservoir stretches from the Land Bridge in Piešťany to the village Sokolovce and Drahovce. The area of water reservoir is protected under the Act of the Protection of Nature and Landscape (CHA), it also belongs to the list of SPAs (SPA) NATURA 2000. The necessary environmental, trade and economic functions of the tank are enhanced by the sports function of supra-regional nature.

If we move from the region of Hlohovec down the national road 61 through Madunice and turn right the beginning of Piešťany at Health Centre, we come to "Piešťany Dockyard". The area of dockyard is situated at the reservoir Sĺňava which serves as an excellent starting place for mixed boaters, mainly those who travel from far land by train / bus and missed to resolve their necessary supplies. The advantage of the reservoir is that it is accessible by car from several directions. There is also the possibility of camping / accommodation and seasonal music and community festivals.

For the residents of the region Hlohovec is more attractive the beginning of sluice "Sĺňava Weir near the village Sokolovce." The road to this start-up point leads through Hlohovec and underneath The Považský Inovec. It is the state road No. 507. After sailing to the south, along the waterfront SLNAVA the boats can be transferred "On the left side of SLNAVA Hate ", which is the part of the water dam Madunice – Drahovce. It is the part of Vah Water cascades at river kilometer 120. The weir divides the flow balance for economically significant – Drahovce channel and the old riverbed of Vah. The old riverbed below the dam is still a part of the protected area Slňava and ends up in counter-clockwise meander, around 900 meters below the "Small hydropower plant community Sokolovce" (about the level of blame gravel pit). The small power station is situated on the left bank of river Vah, near the sinus with the small stream of the dam, which is also a good place to overcome the weir and boarding on the ship.

After a short time on the right side of the bank we can see the pebbly beach. At this point we are already on the pebbly beach at gravel pit Baková, community of Drahovce and cadastre municipalities Jalšové entering the Hlohovec region. For a better view can land onto the "pebbly beach at Baková". From the beach you can see the dam area, but this place is unique mainly for its location. If we´ll go along the beach, down the unpaved road to the west, beyond the gravel Baková, we´ll get to the bridge over the canal derivation to the village Drahovce. In Drahovce, we can exchange our boat for the bike and take the major red route DH-002 leading from the village Madunice to Čachtice, maybe we shall go further down the Little Carpathians. The beach provides a place to relax and it is especially popular for the sport of fishing. Landing on the opposite - steeper banks of the river Váh, we find ourselves on the left side of the dam which is accessible from road no. 507 near the village Jalšové.

After about two hours of embarkment under the dam Sĺňava (and about 2200 rivers meters from the river gravel beach at Baková) we arrive at the rapids at "Fishing Cottage Jalšové" - halfway from Hlohovec. Fisherman's cottage Jalšové is a strategic location for tourism, boating, mushroom picking and hunting. During the trip to the old fishing shack, the old riverbed of Váh around Sĺňava meanders in several places and it slows down the stream. The best view of the flow is from the "Waterman viewpoint" which is only a few steps away from the cottage. The route here is under normal circumstances easy, suitable for families with children. The river Váh gathers pace only in meanders and rapids. The speed of the trip depends on the amount of water in the riverbed, which reaches its maximum only twice a day. About 250 meters below the Fishing Cottage Jalšové, the photographer´s view is caught by the beautiful small rapids, enhanced by a gravel beach terraces on both sides of the banks of river Váh, with its typical representatives of soft alluvial forests. On the right and left bank are lots of places for recreation and camping.

When the ripples on the surface subside and the view on the both sides of the river bank gets better, we swim in the cadaster of the village Madunice. In the counter-clockwise meander, on the right side of the river bank, the river Váh imposed again the pebbly beach. This time, however, we find the spot called "Waterman stop Ma-Ko", the shallow shorelines of which permit landing on both sides. On the right side, after about 10 min. walk, we rush to "The viewpoint of Madunice", which alone offers 360 degree panoramic view of the canal and the old riverbed of Váh in 165 metres above the sea. Continuing across the bridge over the canal to the west, we can try the hospitality of the village Madunice. When we ford the "Waterman stop Ma-Ko" we can try the healing springs and thermal baths Koplotovce as well as the hospitality of the community.

If the waterman "becomes fed up with the land" and returns to the boat, the rafting continues at a constant speed to "Hlohovec Hučák". The maximum flow of the river from 100 km per hour leads to a double increase of speed within a few meters. The river Váh gains its strenght and soon it gives us the opportunity to look at the locals "waterman stop near the city part called Saint Peter" (originally a separate municipality St. Peter). Those who get tired of walking and would like to relax in a tent, they can use the right river bank or to float down the river in the boat 600 meters below where the "waterman stop under Železák" is.

Seemingly humdrum 2.5 kilometer stretch of the river Váh at the level of the town Hlohovec can reveal to watermen several interesting things. The first thing we can uncover is under the road bridge, the place where "winter birds nest". About 500 meters below the road bridge over the sanitation flow there are "peeking" the pillars of the indigenous water mills. In the spot where formerly stood the old bridge "Hlohovec - Šulekovo", just below the Health Centre Hlohovec we can see the original - wooden pillars. At the time of maximum flow in the riverbed, there is a place that provides space and a decent adrenaline experience in the form of the rapids with minimum difficulty WW1. The place can be navigated to the right, but it is more exciting on the left - along the Hlohovec side.

Under the Health Center, the massive water course of the river Váh "coils like a snake in the sand". The former glory of the times when the river Váh wasn´t regulated and flooded wide areas and land of the nearest municipalities of the region reminds only oxbow lakes, wetlands "alluvium balance between the villages Šulekovo - Zelenice" and called the gravel “cartridges”, which are used for water sports and fishing. After about an hour trip down the river, on the horizon is shaping another rip full of typical deafening roarng. This time it is "Zelenice Hučák".

Approximately two kilometres away from the last Hučák comes the next one, under the gas bridge, near the village Zelenice. Families with children and inexperienced boaters are recommended to use "Zelenice´s ferry" and pass the boats across the land. At reduced flow balance there are beautiful and unique stops for resting called "Sandstone boards".

The last boating stop in the region Hlohovec is broad river terraces "River flood-plains near the village Siladice". Unpaved back roads serve as the ground support for loading barges, or strengthening for the teams in the last hours of the trip through Varov Šúr, Vinohrady above Váh, to Sereď.

What you'll find on the thematic route

  • Zelenický hučák

    We are located on the place called "Zelenický hučák", where the river Vah crosses the pipeline Družba. It is an important watermen´s place with rapids of difficulty WW1. The right...

  • The ,,gas bridge"

    The place below the gas bridge near the village Dolné Zelenice provides a decent adrenaline experience in the form of rapids with minimum difficulty WW1. Its navigability depends on the water...

  • The fisherman's cottage near the village Jalšové

    The cottage is located on the alluvium of the Vah and is an important crossroads for tourists and wattermen. Directly in front of the cottage is well placed bus stop. The road leading to the...

  • The waterman´s viewpoint

    This viewpoint treceived its name thanks to the watermen´s accesability (it is only 5 min. walk from river Vah). Viewpoint lies at an altitude of 185 m. above the abandoned quarry. Viewpoint...

  • On the sandstone board

    There is a unique opportunity to look into the "textbook of geological nature“ about 200 meters from the gas bridge near the village Zelenice at low flow. The alluvial rocks are hiding...

  • River flood-plains near the village Siladice

    Approximately 170 meters east from the dam, at the heel towards the river Váh, there is an important place. This place illustrates the original landscape of Dudváh floodplain in the region of...

  • Zelenický ferry

    Zelenický ferry is the place, where the ferry originally stood,which connected the village Upper Zelenicewith a local village Posádka and Bojničky. The remains of the past glory of the ferry are...

  • Waterman´s stop Ma - Ko

    In the left-hand meander the rapids of the old riverbed create a balance between the villages Madunice and Koplotovce. On the right side, there is Madunice bank which was formed by the deposition...

  • Hlohovec hučák

    A derivative channel was constructed during the construction of water dam Drahovce - Madunice in 1961. Rolling water - Hlohovecký Hučák was created at the place of the connection of the new...

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