About the village / town Hlohovec

Location: The city is located in the western part of Nitrianska pahorkatina, at the foot of the southern tip of Považský Inovec and on the alluvial plain of river Váh.

The first written record is from 1113.

The Origin of the village name: In 1113 Golguz, 1209 Golgouc, 1222 Golgouch, 1276 Galgouch, 1773 Galgócz, Freystadt, Fraisstak, 1863 Galgóc, 1920 Hlohovec. City district St. Peter that was a separate municipality until 1953 and city district Šulekovo affiliated to Hlohovec in 1980 are also part of Hlohovec.

History of the village:

The oldest known settlement in area of city Hlohovec comes from the Neolithic (New Stone Age) period from about 3500 years BC. Here were also found artifacts from the Bronze Age and Iron Age. The first written mention comes from Zoborská list from 1113 and it mentions castle called Golguz. Two independent towns - Old and New Hlohovec were created in the Middle Ages, after the Tatar invasion. Both of these feudal towns with their own government were united in 1781. The first owner of Hlohovec estate became in 1275 an aristocratic landowner Aby. Gradually, the castle together with the manor got into the hands of an important noble families: Ujlaky (1349 - 1524), Thurza (1525 - 1636), Forgáč (1639 - 1709), Lords of Mitrovica (1709 - 1716) and finally the last the noble family was the Erdődy (1720 - 1945). Some owners write down significantly in history of the city. Whe have to mentioned Mikuláš Kont who together with his wife Clara built špitálik. In the 14th century, Kont family constructed a wooden bridge over of river Váh. In 1362, Kont acquired market rights for New Hlohovec from King Louis I. Vavrinec Ujlaky gained same rights for Old Hlohovec and built the Franciscan monastery. Thurza family switched to evangelical faith and started with development of an education in town and its neighborhood . The monastery functioned as printing office and grammar school was established in monastery. Jozef Erdődy left significant traces in the development of the city too. He rebuilt the castle to chateau and in early 19th century built a castle garden with many historical sites (eg Empire Theatre). Last Hlohovec owners were in power until the end of World War II.

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