About the village / town Merašice

Location: The village is located in the southwestern part of the Nitra hills at the confluence of Tekoldanský and Stoličný stream It is located 13 km northeast of the city of Hlohovec.

The first written record is from 1390.

The Origin of the village name: The older names of Dolné Merašice: in 1390 Mereche, in 1487 Eghazasmerecze, in 1773 Alsó-Meraczicz, Unter-Meraschitz, Dolné Meracžice, in 1873 Alsőmerasic. The older names of Horne Merašice: in 1390 Mereche, in 1773 Felső-Meraczicz, Ober-Meraschitz, Horné Merašice. After 1888, the municipalities  Horné and Dolné Merašice were merged into one administrative unit Merašice. Its names: in 1892 Merašice, in 1900 MEROCO, in 1920 Merašice. After 1905 the village was merged with village Kapince, that separated in 1965.

History of the village: The area of the village is known as Neolithic settlement. There were also graves from the period of the Great Moravian Empire. In the 14th century village belenged to the castle of the Topoľčany. Then various feudal lords owned village. The village was established by merging the Horné and Dolné Merašice into one municipality.

  Mailing address
Obecný úrad Merašice
Merašice 183
920 61 Merašice
Mayor: Mgr. Stanislav Michal

tel.: 033 7448351
email: oumerasice@wircom.sk
web: www.merasice.sk